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    RSJ can help you finance the Porsche you have always wanted

    We can offer flexible packages from a range of lenders to suit your needs.

    There are 3 ways to finance a car…

    1. You have a fixed number of payments for an agreed term.
    2. You can have smaller monthly payments with a final balloon payment at the end.
    3. You can have a similar payment structure to option 2 but with a guaranteed final value of the car.

    All three options offer you the ability to sell the car at any time and get an up-to-date settlement figure.

    This is subject to an annual agreed mileage and other conditions.

    Please contact us for further details.

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    Client Reviews


    • We'd just like to say a huge thanks to you and Daniel in helping us realise our dream of owning a Porsche 911.The car you provided ticks all the boxes and if we had been able to spec one from a blank canvas this would have been it.The model, colour, interior, wheels and range of extras are perfect.From the moment we walked into RSJ on 25th June, to collecting the car yesterday, we have had first-class service.In fact, we think it was Richard who went a long way in convincing us to purchase a car from you on that first day, when he was prepared to spend time with us explaining servicing, maintenance and other issues associated with a 997 Gen 2. Thank you again 


    • Good morning Joel, hope you're doing well.I just wanted to let you know that I'm loving my car !It's totally awesome and I could not be happier with itI get immense pleasure every time I fire it up and hit the road and the guys at the golf club give it a big thumbs up.Just heading up there now for a competition so fingers crossed I do well.Hope you get some time to play, we certainly have had great weather for it.Best wishes, Tim

      Tim Barden

    We are always looking for high quality Porsche vehicles to join our stock

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